The worst part about sudden change in weather is the difficulties it can bring along with it. If your house is encountered by a storm then to prevent it against any damage whatsoever is your top priority. You leave no stones unturned when it comes to repair, however, since the city faces regular wrath of storm and other uneven weather pattern, you must know the basic tenets when it comes to roof repair. At first place, if there is roof water damage looming larger than ever, instantly you cannot get help no matter wherever you are. Rescue would take time to come; in the meantime, it’s no point sitting idle. You can perform the follow exercises if you have a flat or wooden roof against the storm damage that is threatening its existence.

If you are catering to flat roof then remember that they are built of tar and wood. In most of the cases, the leak develops in the weak areas of the roof. So, you must probe the areas that are highly susceptible to damage. These are the areas that are more prone to be ravaged when storm hurls at them and the possibility of damage will sky rocket in such circumstances.

So, what would be your next step you may ask if you are encountered by storm like hurricane or tornado then let’s give you simple ways that you can cultivate in your technique before any professional help comes?

1. In most of the cases, you will be able to figure out blisters popping out in the layer. For simple home grown methods, a knife is your best friend that can come in handy. You may use this very knife to remove those insane blisters at full stretch to rid your roof from any hostilities whatsoever. The advantage that it would yield is to prevent further damage and at the same time curb any fatal accident. But always remember that while performing this exercise always keep in mind that the dry layers underneath the damaged skin of the roof is not infiltrated by the very knife.

2. The next step would be to cut open those blisters and remove the water inside the blister. You can use rags for carrying out this pursuit, or you can also use frame spread nozzle to vaporize the water that is doing the damage.

3. Once you have soaked all the water from the roof, you can use thick coating of roof cement to seal the leakage areas and prevent further water damage on account of storm or other weather formations.

4. The last and final step would be to close the roof that was opened. You can use 6d galvanized nails for this job. In case, if there is further water damage problem from storm and other hostilities then for roof repair you can get myriad roof repair companies providing their service. You can call them and prevent your house from experiencing any uncertainties whatsoever.